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Toyama City Institute of Glass Art (TIGA) has started in [the Glass City Toyama] in April 1991 as the first public educational institution specializing in glass. We have had students from all over the world who are fascinated in glass art, and they studied glass art in well-equipped circumstances to be glass artists. Now they are working in many fields, such as independent artists, as studio staff, as teachers in art schools and as designers.
We have been offering two glass programs, to study the basics of glass and art foundation in G.C.S. and to research in advanced level of glass art in A.R.S.

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Surrounded by green landscape, and housing substantial equipment.

  • ホットショップ
  • キルンショップ
  • コールドショップ
  • ステンドグラス
  • バーナーワーク
  • ジュエリー
  • 金工・木工室
  • 図書室
  • 学生用アパート
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  • Building area: 2724.74 square meters
  • Plottage: 19639.68 square meters
  • Structure: Ferro-concrete common store (part steel frame)

School introduction video.

May, 2010 work

President Greeting

所長 細川茂

Toyama city Institute of Glass Art was founded in 1991, and is located on the Northwest coast of Japan's main island of Honshu on the outskirts of Toyama City between the Tateyama mountain range and the Sea of Japan. It is surrounded by local hot springs, pear orchards, rice farms, and local seaside villages providing some of the best seafood in all of Japan. Toyama City believed this to be the ideal location and creative environment to build this school.

Toyama City, as part of the Toyama City Total Planning Project, has begun "The Support of Creation of a New Art and Culture" and has been working hard to create a supportive structure and community for glass artists to work within. This is the focus of "Glass Art City, Toyama". As part of this plan, the city has developed the Toyama Glass Studio that is comprised of an individual studio, a rental studio, and a studio for a rotating artist in residence. Another aspect of this plan is the Toyama City Institute of Glass Art, (T. I. G. A.) where forty students from Japan and abroad partake in a two-year intensive glass education. They come here because they feel Toyama is the best place to learn glass professionally T.I.G.A. is now in its twenty fourth year of operation and is the proud cornerstone of this "Glass Art City". We are expecting to have highly motivated students and we hope they will become great glass artists in the future. Toyama City’s most recent endeavor is the opening of the Toyama Glass Art Museum in 2015. The museum is an excellent addition to the "Glass Art City" and a fascinating place for the citizens of Toyama and people of the world to experience the beauty and wonder of Glass Art.



造形科 Grass Certification Studies Program

  • Period of study: 2years / Number of students: 16 in each year
  • Eligibility: higher education than high school level
  • Certification: polytechnic certificate in G.C.S.



To study basics of glass for 2 years

For the G.C.S. Program, the first year is a concentration in basic techniques, which lay the foundation for the second year of conceptual exploration.

研究科 Advanced Research Studies Program

  • Period of study: 2years / Numbers of students: 4 in each year
  • Eligibility: a) previous completion of an undergraduate course of study: with an emphasis in glass
    b) An equivalent experience outside of academia (i.e. Individual studio work)
  • Certification: polytechnic certificate in A.R.S.



To study glass in advanced level for 2 years

The curriculum for the A.R.S. Program is completely tailored to individual student’s need. The relationship with the faculty is completely on a one to one basis with the goal of a graduate exhibition at the end of the period of study.



Supervisor: Atsushi Takeda  Director: Shigeru Hosokawa  Creative Advisor : Ryoji Shibuya (Toyama glass art museum Director)
Head Professor: Jin Hongo  Associate Professor:Makiko Nakagami, Vaclav Rezac, Brian Corr, Koichi Matsufuji
Instructor: Haruko Nishi, Susumu Kaji, Masahiro Hachida, Takio Nakamura, Hiromi Morita, Makiko Inoya, Toshiyasu Kawaguchi, Kouzou Hatakeyama
TA: Natsuho Komiya, Hidenori Tsumori, Takaki MIyamoto, Asa Hashimoto, Anna Tokiwa
Director: Tsunehisa No / Clerical: Tadako Sekiya / Assistant Clerical: Maki Inoue

Ryoji Shibuya (Head Professor)

I am very proud of our students, who gather at TIGA with a big ardor of glass art. I see them working diligently and looking to their own futures with studying this material.

Ryoji Shibuya(Head Professor)

Jin Hongo (Head Professor)

You will know about yourself through making your work for two years. What you need are your dream and passion in glass, and those extend your future.

Jin Hongo(Head Professor)

Vaclav Rezac (Associate Professor)

Co je charakteristické pro naši školu? V TIGA není nic nemožné. Obdivuji pracovitost a kreativitu studentů.
Škola nabízí svým studentům výborné technické zázemí pro realizaci uměleckých projektů.

What is characteristic of our school? Nothing is impossible in TIGA. I admire diligence and creativity of the students. The school offers excellent technical background to its students for the realization of art and craft projects.

Vaclav Rezac(Associate Professor)

Makiko Nakagami (Associate Professor)

Meetings with people make you grow. You will have opportunities to meet with many wonderful people. I have also learned about art and life from the many people who I have met at TIGA.

Makiko Nakagami(Associate Professor)

Brian Corr (Associate Professor)

I have had great respect for the faculty and students of TIGA since the beginning of my career.It is truly an honour to be a part of such an amazing institution and community. Here, the students are able to intensively explore ideas and techniques concurrently in order to develop their creative vision and prepare for their future careers.

Brian Corr(Associate Professor)

Koichi Matsufuji (Associate Professor)

I came in Toyama City Institute of Glass from this April. The educational program, the facility, everything is great!

Koichi Matsufuji(Associate Professor)

Assistants & Teachers Art Works


Ryoji Shibuya

松藤 孝一

松藤 孝一
Koichi Matsufuji

小宮 夏帆

小宮 夏帆
Natsuho Komiya

津守 秀憲

津守 秀憲
Hidenori Tsumori

宮本 崇輝

宮本 崇輝
Takaki MIyamoto

八田 雅博

八田 雅博
Masahiro Hachida

西 治子

西 治子
Haruko Nishi

加治 晋

加治 晋
Susumu Kaji

中村 滝雄

中村 滝雄
Takio Nakamura

Web gallery can see artwork teachers, assistants, students and graduates.

Web gallery



Address:80 Nishikanaya Toyama-shi,Toyama, 930-0143 JAPAN
Inquiry registration time:
AM9:00~PM 5:00 except Saturday and Sunday, congratulation, and a holiday


From JR Toyama Station,

Bus: "Front [ a family park ]" (30 minutes) + on foot 10 minutes [ for Toyama University Hospital ]
Taxi: 20 minutes

From Hokuriku National Expressway,

5 minutes after the Tomiyama west interchange. / 20 minutes after the Toyama interchange.

From Toyama Airport,

Taxi: 20 minutes

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